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Saying yes to the process of life is the path and the purpose of this work, the process of becoming-passing-becoming which happens constantly and unceasingly in nature, in our bodies.

We are born, we die, in between we are in the here and now. Making connections,
communication, love, sense, are central aspirations. This life takes place first of all in our bodies. We are incarnated in this body. The body stores our experiences, the past and present ones. The body is a highly sensitive and highly intelligent seismograph. The material and the ethereal body.

Alona’s work is body work in the first place. A very fine sensitive inner body work which helps us move from the inside perceptions to the outside perceptions. How does the body feel, now in this moment? What messages does the body send me. What do I perceive? The material body, the ethereal body. The energy body. To perceive the energy body is the journey which is inspired and accompanied by this work. This essential work is simple, gets more and more simple and effortless.

The structure of a group meeting is clear and simple. Each meeting has a topic, for instance: How am I in relationships. The meeting starts with a 20 minute meditation which concentrates on the body: from the feet, the legs, the pelvis, the spine, the belly, the chest, the face, the head to the highest point of the head. The energy connection from below to above. Then the glancing in the group, emerging out of the contemplation of the meditation, looking at other people. Finding a balance from the me – I am in my body – and the other, perceiving the other without loosing myself in the other. Then encounters, two or three persons sitting together. To express myself, to show myself, giving and receiving a feedback. Communication.

Then moving exercises. Walking, cavorting, dancing, very tight, very relaxed, very behaved, very crazy, always working with the contrary expressions sensing what happens. With me, in my body, with the other to whom I show my expression and who at the same time shows his/her expression which I perceive. What happens in this encounter? What do I feel in the contact with the other? Joy, fear, hesitation, anger, dedication, empathy, cheeriness? Do I hide behind roles or do I show my real feelings? Am I present and awake, am I asleep and dull?

In Alona’s work we are all in process right away. It is there immediatly. And whatever happens, there is always this feeling of before-after. You come with a certain feeling, a certain mood. After the meeting you are somebody else. You feel different.

The movement of life, of the body: we breath in, we breath out. These essential movements which happen without us doing anything. These movements and this exchange which happen constantly. To get a more subtle feeling, more awareness, more appreciation is an essence of this work. These movements and processes which are so natural and so marvellous.
Life! We are living! Something infinitely precious. To feel this preciousness, to know about it, is for me the essence which this work offers.

Creativity is understood here as liveliness and lively expression.

The focus on the immeasurable potential of this liveliness is supported by the most important question: What do I want? What do I wish for? If this wish is clear and mostly doubtless, it will materialize magically without effort. Everything becomes and is possible. In this sense this work aims to self empowerment. In this sense it is a political work.

And the ego wants to play, the ego is allowed to play. It is a game, yes. At times it is a necessity of life to play this game. To comprehend it as a game is a great liberation!

Text by Petra Logsch (May 2015)


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