Group Berlin

The group provides a room to connect with your deepest potential and your highest self. It is about manifesting your talents in the world and staying connected with yourself and at the same time with the bigger space around you.

Every group session starts with a guided meditation. Sharings and exercises deepen your communication skills and help to reflect yourself. We trust in the intelligence of the people, the group and the process. The group was initiated 8 years ago and successfully improved peoples’ lives.

Feedback from participants: “Thank you for opening this space for our souls to show themselves and play. Thank you to the group for being the mirrors and movers, for being present in many ways for forming this space and giving it actual presence. thank you for taking care of each other, for feeling and being felt, for your courage to go on.” (Thomas)

“I think it is so great how you all communicate. There is so much honesty, truth and depth in the group. It really impresses me and, like I said, encourages me to be more open and to express what I am and what I want and to get in touch with people. I’m so glad I came across this group.” (Christine)

“I wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful and inspiring sessions we shared in the past months. For me it was a very nice and gentle way of becoming more aware of my patterns and of learning to trust my feelings and impulses. I was shy in the beginning and nervous before every group meeting – but i openend up up more and more and it feels really good.” (Lena)

“Thank you Alona for creating this space for being! Thank you all for being open this way, with heart and mind, in the body, struggling with all three!” (Thomas)

“I love to thank Alona for your wonderful invitation for diving into the group- and the real + speed going possibility for growing up.. !! You`re offering this creative “spaceGroupspace” with such a beauty and playfulness -authentic sweet- and lightness, so it would be really hard to resist.;-) In the same time you have the strength calling me/us to remember, to really go for it.. And I feel trust in your profund Basis, leading me/ us for a really free and open transformation in Relating and Exploring on every level. Thank you soo much ;-)” (Aseema)

He who defines himself can’t know who he really is. The mastery can be gained by letting things go their own way. (Tao)