Alona & Team

alona_04032017Alona Harpaz is an artist – – and a founder of the infinite earth foundation in Berlin. She facilitates workshops and retreats. Her work integrates personal experiences in art studies, personal research in authentic expression and the wisdom of several spiritual teachings that influenced her way.

Alona developed a unique way of working with people which is based on encouraging people to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life without waiting for the confirmation from the outside world. Her work gives room to explore the potential and deep wishes which are hidden in us. She creates a safe zone where this exploration is possible Alona has created a way which is authentic and direct. The work meets people wherever they are and supports them to accept themselves with more understanding and joy.

Team Julia Bulik (Assistant – Workshops and Groups) Julia Bulik has been working with Alona for 10 years. She is assisting and creating the workshops and groups.

Sophie de Lacaze is a body psychotherapist (HP Psych), yoga teacher and dancer. She lives and works in Berlin. With passion and clarity she accompanies people, who want to find out, who they really are.

Isabel Maaß loves to support and inspire people to live and embody an awaken fullfilling life. She lives and work as a fascialtherapist in Berlin.

Ann-Kristin Höft (Organization – Workshops in Mannheim and Wietzow Retreat) Ann Kristin is a yoga-teacher and co-owner of the yoga-studio flow in Mannheim. She loves to create events were people connect and support one another.