Mastering the Effortless

Hello to all of you,
the topic of our next meeting on monday, the 13.2. will be

Asking for what you want!

We know what we want most of the time and it’s not always easy for us to ask for it. but it’s very helpful to ask for what you want because you might even get it..

Your environment is informed when you tell what you want it built up more trust and it’s easiest to relate to each other. it’s clearer.

To put yourself out and show what you want means going behind being shy and being afraid to be seen. and it take some courage .
By doing this you send signals of your direction out to the world , like to adjust your radio channel ,you can tune in more and more till you find your own Chanel .

Saying what you want can also surprise you cause you influence a situation it’s like to be a creator in a way cause things are never fixed and your wantings your wishes can influence and be helpful actually also for the others around you.

When you say what you want you appear clear and straight to the world without hidden agendas and secrets and even to not get what you want is a very important thing to know to accept and we will also train this in the group. when we are not afraid from a no we are more in tune to express our wished to ourselves and others .

In this group meeting we will just say what we want without holding anything back

New Place for the Group!!

We meet in Tut -Gut- Instititut Zentrum für Bewegung und Heilkünste at Stubbenkammerstraße 3 in 10437 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

You get there through a courtyard

We meet from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the group as we will start with a meditation. You are welcome to arrive at 5 pm and have some tea or water. The bell will be switched off at 5.30 pm. If you arrive later, join us after the meditation at 6 pm
The dates for this group season are:

13/2 , 27/2 , 13/3 , 3/4 , 24/4 , 8/5 , 22/5 , 12/6 , 26/6.

Alona will give a workshop in Mannheim on the weekend from friday, the 17.2. 17 till sunday, the 19.2.17 . There are still places available. We will be happy, to see you there.

Alona Harpaz
0178 5560261


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