Staying Sexy no matter what!

We are happy to start the new season of the Berlin group on Monday, September 5th. We will start with the hot topic: Staying Sexy no matter what!

Throughout our new circle of group meetings we will focus on taking care of ourselves and of our life flow while clinging to our liveliness no matter what the circumstances are.
The meaning of it is that our decisions and choices should make us feel alive and should be guided by a sense of juiciness and real passion and not by energy of fear and manipulations.

It can be a vicious circle to be busy only with our own process not giving something to the world. Many people are moving between groups and workshops, turning around themselves, while their energy wants to break through and engage with the world, to be part of the world.

We would like to find out how we can integrate our wisdom and potential with the world and share our gifts with others.

It’s important to let our energy flow in and out and to reconnect to our core.
It’s easier to face our issues and our challenges in a caring authentic environment which allows us to recharge and to blossom.

When healing happens, a lot of life energy comes out.
We will get in touch with our uniqueness and vulnerability through focusing on healing and meditation

This is what we call ‘staying Sexy no matter what’.
First get in tune, dance with life, than act.


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